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Whatever \What*ev"er\, pron. Anything soever which; the thing or things of any kind; being this or that; of one nature or another; one thing or another; anything that may be; all that; the whole that; all particulars that; -- used both substantively and adjectively. [1913 Webster] Whatever fortune stays from his word. --Shak. [1913 Webster] Whatever Earth, all-bearing mother, yields. --Milton. [1913 Webster] Whatever be its intrinsic value. --J. H. Newman. [1913 Webster] Note: Whatever often follows a noun, being used elliptically. "There being no room for any physical discovery whatever" [sc. it may be]. --Whately. [1913 Webster] Whatnot

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whatever adj : one or some or every or all without specification; "give me any peaches you don't want"; "not any milk is left"; "any child would know that"; "pick any card"; "any day now"; "cars can be rented at almost any airport"; "at twilight or any other time"; "beyond any doubt"; "need any help we can get"; "give me whatever peaches you don't want"; "no milk whatsoever is left" [syn: any(a), whatsoever]




  1. No matter which; for any'
    Whatever choice you make, there will be consequences.
  2. In the context of "relative": Anything that.
    Whatever you say is fine with me.


no matter which; for any


  1. A holophrastic expression used discourteously to indicate that the speaker does not consider the matter worthy of further discussion.
    Parent: For the last time, clean up your room!
    Child: Whatever.
  2. Anything; used to indicate that the speaker does not care which of several options should be chosen.
    Co-worker: Do you want Chinese or Mexican for lunch today?
    Other co-worker: Whatever.

Usage notes

  • Tone of voice is particularly important here in playing up or playing down the dismissive quality of the word.


indicating the matter is not worthy of further discussion
Whatever may refer to:
  • Whatever (slang), an expression of agreement, indifference, or begrudging compliance
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